Get grossed out in the hygiene area of Wellbody Academy and learn how personal hygiene protects and promotes individual health as well as the health of others.



Here you will find:

Wash Your Hands!
Do you know how to properly wash your hands? This exhibit uses SureWash, a system designed to train hospital workers to properly wash their hands. Follow along with the on-screen guide while the camera captures your hand gestures and scores your hand washing skill. Some of the proper hand washing gestures may surprise you!

Sneeze Wall
Kids of all ages love this. A large projection of people sneezing entices you to enter a space where you are subsequently "sneezed on" by an array of water misters arranged above. On screen factoids remind you that it is important to cover up when you sneeze. Remember, our "sneezes" aren't real. They just seem like it.

You and a family member or friends will challenge each other in a race to pick bad hygiene behaviors out from animated video scenarios of individuals engaging in bad hygiene behavior. You and your fellow contestant will use a physical game board – a cross between Tic-Tac-Toe and Bingo – to mark the specific bad hygiene behaviors you see. The first to identify three behaviors in a row on the game board is the winner.

Odor Decoder
What's that smell? At the Odor Decoder you squeeze bottles to sniff different types of bad breath, learning about the different causes of bad breath including periodontal disease. Whew! Trust us, thesse odors are quite real.

A Healthy Mouth
A wall display contains items that are either good or bad for oral health. "Good" items include water with fluoride, unsweetened tea, cheese and milk, crunchy fruits and vegetables, a tooth brush and dental floss, and gum with xylitol. "Bad" items include sticky candy, soda, a sippy cup, a cigarette box and chewing tobacco/snuff. In just a few minutes you will learn what you can do to improve your oral health and consequently reduce the likelihood of cavities and gum disease.

Bacteria 101
A brief video animation offers a look at the relationship between bacteria and the human body. You'll walk away understanding the bacteria have a complex relationship with humans, and even supposedly bad bacteria play a critical role in keeping us well. 

Infection in Your Face
An image of an oozing open sore that takes up the same amount of space as infected gums is projected onto your arm when you lay it on the Wellbody Infection Scanning Table. You'll learn that having advanced gum disease is akin to having an open sore the size of your palm in your mouth, and that it is easy for harmful bacteria to enter the body through diseased gums.

Brush Brush Baby!
A hand-cranked, Nickelodeon-style animation shows the impacts of good and bad hygiene on baby teeth and the teeth that follow. It's never too early to start good oral hygiene habits.