The Wellbody Academy's sleep area is where you'll learn that proper sleep is vital and an often under-appreciated key to overall health and wellness.


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Here you will find:

Sleep Machine
The Sleep Machine is an enormous mechanical and digital contraption that would make Rube Goldberg jealous. It consists of a lot of moving mechanical wheels and dials, a number of video screens, sound effects and blinking lights. And it all adds up to the simple message that there is actually a lot going on in the body when we are asleep.

Bed Head Theater
Bed-Head Theater pops up at the end of the Sleep Machine’s cycle. The program lasts about 10 seconds and consists of photos of really gnarly bed-head pictures sent in by Pacific Science Center guests.

Sleeping in Seattle
A large screen-based data graph plots your responses to the question "Do you feel rested?" against your input for age and the number of hours you slept the night before. On the screen, a visualization plots the "Rested" responses against the "Not Rested" in a compelling visual fashion that helps you understand that different people require different amounts of sleep, and just how sleep deprived many of us are.

Sleepability System Maximizer
A flip top interactive presents a model of a kid’s room that lets you dig into physical and environmental factors that impact the ability to sleep and the quality of sleep one gets. You lift and move components like a TV, window shade, dog, skateboard and pizza box lid to reveal factoids about the way that particular item impedes the ability to sleep.

A Bad Night’s Sleep
Here you will learn about the links between obesity and sleep apnea. A hands-on cut-away model of a head shows how an obese sleeper’s jaw and soft palate can slide back and close off the windpipe, interrupting sleep. You manipulate the jaw to see how airflow (represented by a ping pong ball in a clear tube) is obstructed.