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Wellbody Readers: Healthy Tips for Eating Out With Kids

Last week's post about the fat-, sugar-, sodium- and additive-laden offerings on kids' menus  at most chain restaurants prompted several readers to share advice about how to eat healthy when you're away from home.badge-cafedium

In appreciation, we'll randomly select one of the tipsters to receive two free passes to Wellbody Academy and Pacific Science Center's other exhibits. While you're here, check out the Wellbody Cafedium for fun games and facts about nutrition.

Many thanks to the Wellbody community for the great ideas; several posted below. Please keep 'em coming!

We try to bring our own meals/snacks wherever we go to save money, and to support us in our weight loss maintenance (going on 1.5 yrs of losing 75 lbs myself, 90 for my husband). We think it's important to have these traits down before having children, so we'll be able to pass healthy habits along to our children. If we do go out to eat, we plan ahead by looking at the menu to make smart choices and split meals to not overeat and to save money! – Lindsay Larsen

We bring our own child beverages, always share and say no to fries! - Karmen Kreul Furer

Our modus operandi for eating out with our almost 3-year old is to not order off the kids' menu. Generally, we simply share our food with him. We figure, if he eats what we eat at home, why do we order him special things when we go out? - Wellbody Reader

Mexican with a family of 7: 2 orders whole black beans, 2 orders Mexican rice, 2 sides guac, 1 side each tomatoes and lettuce and 3 sides flour tortillas. We make our own all for around 30 bucks depending on the establishment! Yum! - Heidi Beard

When we eat out, we choose places that offer veggies as a side option. We avoid the kids' menu and prefer to order our kids' meals from the regular menu and have them split a healthier entrée with us or with each other. It makes for more sensible portions and better options like veggie sides instead of fries or chips. On the rare occasion we opt for fast food, we go to Subway or Taco del Mar. If we're going to spend the day out, we pack our own meals & snacks. Our favorite crunchy snacks include mini bell peppers, raw red cabbage, and Kim's Magic Pop (from Fred Meyer).
- Nan

Dear Pacific Science Center: Please interview parents that raise slender children and share with us or at your Wellbody blog about their staples, their food, their snacks, and how much they eat, regarding desserts,etc...Thank you a lot. – Best Care

Calling parents who are raising slender children—and anyone else who wants to share success stories and lessons learned--please contact us to be interviewed. Comment on the Wellbody blog, post to our Facebook page or email professorwellbody@pacsci.org




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