Portal To The Public Initiative

The Portal to the Public Initiative was launched by Pacific Science Center in 2007 in response to the growing need for current science research content and its implications.

We will present topics in familiar formats such as stage presentations, exhibits and demos. At the same time we will incorporate new programs, such as forums, and new technologies, such as digital media, to interface with our public audiences.

While many of our programs will be designed to reach our current core audiences, we will also target adults to stimulate renewed interest and involvement in science and technology.

Through the Portal to the Public Initiative, Pacific Science Center begins a long-term commitment to engage public audiences around unfolding research, to foster communication between scientists and the public and to drive dialogue in science and technology issues that interact with society.

Portal to the Public Grant

Pacific Science Center applied for and was awarded a three-year $2,000,000 National Science Foundation Grant to initiate the first Portal to the Public project, which develops and tests program models that engage scientists and public audiences in face-to-face interactions that promote appreciation and understanding of current science research. Learn More

Science Communication Fellowship Program

Science Communication Fellows are scientists, researchers and other science-based professionals who have been certified by Pacific Science Center as current science ambassadors and excellent communicators. Fellows join Pacific Science Center in inspiring lifelong interest in science, math and technology. Learn More

For More Information

Contact Eve Klein at or (206) 443-2381.