Astronomy Curricula

Astro Adventures: Upper Elementary Curriculum
Astro Adventures: Upper Elementary Curriculum was created to answer the high demand for a space science unit for elementary teachers. Lessons that address national and state elementary space science standards were extracted from the original Astro Adventures book. The upper elementary curriculum book features:

  • 6-8 weeks' worth of inquiry-based lessons.
  • Suggested material lists to easily produce kits for teaching the curriculum.
  • Methodology teaching tips throughout to help guide the teacher with an interactive approach.
  • Integration of written and oral communication throughout.
  • Background and resource material for the teacher.
  • Embedded formative and summative assessments for all lessons with a final assessment.

Astro Adventures II
The critically acclaimed Astro Adventures, a teacher's guide for astronomy activities for grades 4 and up, has been revised and updated to include:

  • Greater alignment with the National Science Education Standards (NSES) space science standards.
  • New lessons for students to discover the patterns of the Sun's movements and the science behind seasons.
  • New bibliography for each unit including web resources.
  • 6 units containing 30 lessons with several extensions and suggestions for integrating space science topics with other areas of the curriculum.
  • Lessons developed to address common preconceptions students bring to the subject.
  • An updated set of 18 slides for the planet picking unit.
  • Background information to enhance teacher understanding.
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